When Hazardous Products are transported by AIR, SEA or ROAD, the packaging must be accompanied by dangerous goods declaration forms. All documentation must be in accordance with the specifications set by the dangerous goods regulations applicable to the chosen mode of transport.

Air and Sea Freight (Declaration)

Dangerous goods declaration documentation for Air, Sea and Road freight can be completed by our qualified staff. The declaration of dangerous goods is a legal document certifying that the shipment is in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Road Freight – Transport Emergency Cards (TREM CARDS)

Transport Emergency Cards must be carried in the cab of any vehicle carrying dangerous goods in quantities exceeding the exempt quantities in the orange book (DANGEROUS GOODS DIGEST). 
Tremcards give specific emergency instructions in the event of an incident. They may also assist the emergency response workers, as they carry information which is specific to the particular goods being carried.


All Freight Forwarders and anyone handling Dangerous goods for export need to be certified to complete and sign off a dangerous goods declaration.

A dangerous goods declaration is a legal document which may only be signed by a certified individual who confirms that the consignment of Dangerous goods is properly packaged, marked and labelled, and in proper condition for transport in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Any UN approved packaging has to be tested and certified by an approved agency. All Hazpak UN approved packaging is tested by TEN-E in Johannesburg who are certified by the UNITED Nations.

Certification by department of Agriculture for all our wooden products, i.e. Pallets, specialised crates and any exported wood our wood is treated and kiln dried with department of Agriculture certification.