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When Last Did You Have Your Fire Equipment Serviced?

Establishing a service and maintenance contract for your fire safety equipment is crucial in guaranteeing that your systems and products are operational when it matters most—in an emergency.

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defence in the critical moments of a fire’s early stages. However, utilising the incorrect type can exacerbate the situation, posing significant risks. At Hazpak, we emphasise the importance of aligning with the right fire safety tools—installing, inspecting, and maintaining the correct type, and number, of fire extinguishers for your space.

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Maintenance Services

With time, even the most reliable fire extinguishers can exhibit wear and require professional attention. Hazpak stands ready to service, repair, hydro-test, recharge, or replace your fire safety equipment. Our friendly, qualified team is here to address concerns, ensuring your equipment is in top operational condition.

Advanced Inspections

We understand the importance of regular, thorough inspections. Whether you’re seeking monthly peace of mind, reacting to an inspection failure, or contemplating a replacement, our maintenance services are designed to support your needs. Contact us at 032 815 0200 to explore your options and ensure compliance with stringent fire safety laws.

Recharge to Replacement

Utilising your fire extinguisher doesn’t mean it’s reached the end of its life. Our quick and easy recharge and hydro-testing services guarantee that your equipment remains ready for action. Tailored to meet legal requirements and your specific needs, we work diligently to keep you protected and within the bounds of the law.

Safety with Hydro-Testing

For fire extinguishers that have remained unused, hydro-testing becomes a critical maintenance step to guarantee their functionality when most needed. Depending on the specific type of fire extinguisher you possess, this vital safety measure should be undertaken every 5 or 12 years. Hydro-testing is not just a recommendation; it’s a necessity to ensure your fire extinguisher is in optimal working condition, ready to protect you, your loved ones, or your assets during an emergency.

We take pride in ensuring that every service we provide is meticulously aligned with the latest standards and practices mandated by governing and regulatory bodies. This dedication to excellence has earned us full accreditation across our range of services, offering you the assurance that all work performed by our skilled and seasoned technicians meets the industry’s highest standards, for your absolute peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions Enhancing Fire Safety Awareness

Why is having a fire extinguisher essential?

Unexpected fires can ignite at any moment, making it vital to safeguard your loved ones, customers, pets, and anyone important to you against potential fire hazards. Being equipped with a fire extinguisher allows you to address a fire in its early stages, preventing it from escalating. This not only minimises the risk of injury but also helps in avoiding significant financial losses. Adequate fire preparedness can substantially reduce the aftermath of a fire, ensuring a safer environment for everyone involved.

Who should invest in a fire extinguisher?
Fire extinguishers are a mandatory safety tool in most business, governmental, and certain residential settings. However, to uphold fire safety best practices, having a fire extinguisher is advisable for anyone who owns, leases, or occupies any structure. It’s a fundamental safety measure that supports the well-being of occupants and property alike.
How can I ensure my fire protection systems comply with official standards?
Fire safety requirements can vary greatly depending on the specific environment, such as restaurants, computer rooms, or industrial areas. At Hazpak, we provide tailored fire safety solutions by conducting thorough assessments and designing systems that cater to your unique needs. Our expertise in complying with insurance and governmental standards, including SANS REGULATIONS, ensures that your fire protection setup not only meets but exceeds these criteria.
What is the recommended frequency for checking fire extinguishers and systems?
To ensure your fire safety equipment remains reliable and ready for use, regular inspections are crucial. We advocate for a monthly check to verify that fire extinguishers are accessible and unobstructed. Additionally, annual servicing and maintenance, as mandated by SANS regulations, are essential for a thorough evaluation of your fire extinguisher or system’s functionality. Hazpak’s trained professionals are dedicated to maintaining your equipment in optimal condition.
How does one operate a fire extinguisher?

The procedure for using a fire extinguisher can be easily remembered with the PASS acronym:

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the pin slowly
  • Sweep the nozzle side to side to put out the flames

Always position yourself with an escape route behind you in case the fire becomes too large to handle. Fire extinguishers are effective against small fires; if the fire is taller than you, evacuate immediately and call for emergency services.

Why are fire extinguishers effective?
Fire extinguishers are designed to target the three essential elements a fire needs to burn: heat, fuel, and oxygen. The extinguishing agent (powder or foam) works by smothering the fire, cutting off its oxygen supply, and consequently extinguishing the flames.
When are fire extinguishers not advisable to use?
Fire extinguishers are most effective for initial, smaller fires. If you encounter flames taller than you, it’s critical to prioritise your safety by evacuating the premises and alerting the fire department. Large fires require professional firefighting resources.
Why do fire extinguishers have an expiration date?
Over time, fire extinguishers may experience a decrease in pressure or a compromised seal, rendering them ineffective. Regular inspections and annual servicing are necessary to ensure they remain functional and ready for use. Relying solely on the extinguisher’s expiration date is insufficient for guaranteeing its operational efficiency.

Understanding the need for, and proper use of, fire extinguishers is crucial. By preparing for the unexpected, you significantly reduce the risks and potential damages of fire incidents. Our focus is not only on providing exceptional fire safety products but also on educating and empowering you with knowledge—because informed preparation is the key to effective fire safety.