Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels and Hydrants

Supply, Servicing and Maintenance for Businesses and Households

Situated in Durban KwaZulu-Natal, we are SABS and SAQCC approved. We maintain, service, repair, hydro-test, recharge, replace, refill and install fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers are essential tools for bringing fire under control in its early stages, but it is very important to make sure you use the correct type. Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher can be very dangerous, resulting in serious injury and risk potentially making the fire worse.

Make sure your business i and home are protected by installing the right type and number of fire extinguishers! Then, keep them functioning properly with routine inspections and testing.

Having a service and maintenance contract in place for your fire equipment is essential for ensuring your system and fire products work when you need it most – in an emergency. Preventative inspections identify potential problems before they occur.

Like all things, fire extinguishers age and can become damaged over time.  Hazpak offers maintenance services to keep your fire extinguisher in great shape so it will be operational when you need it most.  If your unit is damaged, in need of maintenance or if you have any concerns about your fire extinguisher, one of our friendly qualified staff members will be able to assist you.

Fire extinguishers need to be inspected monthly and yearly?  We offer maintenance services to give you peace of mind.

Are you having an inspection performed in your business premises or if you failed an inspection?  Hazpak can help you.  Give us a call at 032 815 0200 today to learn about your options.

We offer quick and easy replacement services to ensure you are protected and abiding by the law if you operate or own a business.  Commercial locations have strict laws governing them with regards to fire safety.  If you need to contact us for sales, service or support, we can help.

If you have an unused fire extinguisher then the odds are, you need to have it hydro-tested.  Depending on the type you have, you may need it hydro-tested every 5 or 12 years to ensure it works well.

Just because you have had to discharge your fire extinguisher does not mean you need it replaced, you can have it re-charged.  If you had to discharge your extinguisher recently then it is imperative for you to have it recharged as soon as possible.

We offer a variety of fire equipment services and fire safety products


All of our services offered are done in strict accordance with the codes of practice and conduct stipulated by the relevant governing and regulatory authorities. As a result, we enjoy full accreditation across the board for your peace of mind that all work undertaken by our qualified and experienced technicians is done to the highest possible standards applicable to our industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

You never know when a fire will break out of nowhere.  You need to make sure your family and friends, customers, your pets and anyone you care about will be safe in the event of a fire.

Being prepared for a fire can make all the difference.  Stopping a small fire before it grows out of control can potentially save you and others from injury and can help save you money.  No one likes dealing with the consequences a fire leaves behind, and with the right fire equipment, you can dramatically decrease the chances of a fire going out of control.

Most commercial, government and some residential locations are required to have fire extinguishers on-site. However, for proper fire safety practices, it is recommended for anyone who owns, leases or rents a structure of some sort to keep one or multiple units on the premises at all times.

Installing fire safety systems to protect your restaurant, computer room, industrial spray booth, and any other area varies on a case-to-case basis. At Hazpak, we offer customized solutions by inspecting the area and designing a specific fire safety solution to fit your needs. Because we work with insurance companies, adhere to government guidelines (SANS REGULATIONS), and work with you first hand, you can rest assured that any system we install will meet and exceed these standards.

Just like any other piece of equipment, fire safety items should be checked routinely to confirm that they will work as designed in the midst of an emergency. We recommend performing a monthly check to make certain that fire extinguishers are in their designated places without any obstructions on your property. Furthermore, the annual service & maintenance check is compulsory according to SANS regulations to examine the elements of your fire extinguisher or system to check that everything is in working order. At Hazpak, our professionals are trained to keep equipment fully functional.

The easy way to remember how to use a fire extinguisher is through the acronym PASS.

Pull the pin.

Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.

Squeeze the pin slowly.

Sweep back and forth to put out flames.

To avoid getting trapped, make sure you keep your back to an escape route should the fire get too big to put out. Remember that fire extinguishers are only effective against small fires. If the flames are taller than you, you need to quickly exit the building and call the fire department.

A fire needs three things to thrive: heat, fuel, and oxygen. The powder or foam that comes out of the fire extinguisher is specially formulated to smother fire and cut off its oxygen supply. The fire will go out once there is no more oxygen left to fuel it.

The general rule of thumb is to use fire extinguishers when the flames are shorter than you. If the flames are taller than you, you’ll need to quickly exit the building and call the Fire Department. Fire extinguishers were designed to put out small fires as soon as they broke out. They are not equipped to handle large fires. Leave that to the firefighters.

Fire extinguishers expire for several reasons. For example, the seal on the neck of the fire extinguisher can weaken over time and leak. Fire extinguishers are not effective at putting out fires once they lose pressure. This is why it’s important to have your fire extinguisher inspected and serviced annually. The expiration date on the fire extinguisher shouldn’t be the only thing you trust.

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