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Hazardous Goods Labelling

Labels & Labelling Solutions for Hazardous Goods Transport

Ensure your hazardous goods shipments are compliant with global regulations with our expert labelling services. From road to sea and air freight, we specialise in supplying the necessary placards and Transport Emergency (TREM) cards to guarantee your consignments adhere to international safety standards.

Our comprehensive approach to labelling solutions simplifies the complexity of hazardous goods transportation, ensuring your products are correctly identified and handled with utmost care throughout their journey.

Transport Emergency Card (TREM CARD)

Transporting hazardous products by road in South Africa requires strict adherence to legislation, mandating that drivers carry a TREM CARD. This essential document provides authorities with crucial information, including the carried products’ UN numbers and proper shipping names. In emergencies, the TREM CARD is invaluable, offering guidance on emergency contacts, necessary special actions, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements, and first-aid procedures. Ensure your shipments comply with local regulations and enhance safety with our meticulously designed TREM cards.

Collection of Placards

View our comprehensive collection of placards, designed to meet the stringent labelling requirements for hazardous goods transportation. Each placard communicates critical safety information effectively and complies with international regulations. Whether for road, sea, or air freight.

Dangerous Goods Declaration for Airfreight

When it comes to airfreight, the Dangerous Goods Declaration document is non-negotiable for airlines accepting hazardous goods. This detailed document outlines everything the airline needs to know about the shipment – from the product details, UN Number, and shipping names to packing groups, packing instructions, required labels, quantity, shipper and consignee details, emergency contacts, and cargo aircraft compatibility. Prepared by IATA DGR Cat 6 certified or trained staff, our Dangerous Goods Declaration ensures your air shipments are fully compliant and recognised globally, facilitating a smoother transportation process.