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Protective Packaging Solutions by Hazpak

As KwaZulu-Natal’s leading authority in protective packaging, Hazpak excels in securing a diverse array of shipments, from precious artwork to large-scale industrial equipment. Our expertise ensures every item, be it standard or delicate, is carefully prepared to endure the journey’s challenges. For fragile goods, our method involves bubble wrapping and double-wall boxes, filled with ample polystyrene chips for superior cushioning and safeguarding, guaranteeing the intact arrival of your treasures.

Our offerings span more than packaging alone; we deliver a complete range of solutions customised for your specific needs. Our inventory includes various stock boxes ready for order, complemented by professional shrink wrapping, strapping, and securing services, all designed to cater to the distinct requirements of your freight. Hazpak is dedicated to providing the utmost protection and reassurance for every shipment, regardless of its nature.

After encountering inadequate workmanship, a client handed over a ship pump to us.

The Hazpak team handled the 1680kg pump by securing it with 2-ton strapping and crating it, making it ready for freight.
12mm Specialised Pallets for pipes being exported
6m Support for beam for Ghana mine
12mm Support Beam for Mine in Ghana