How to pack a highly flammable shipment

How to pack a highly flammable shipment

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At Hazpak we are the experts when it comes to the packing of hazardous and dangerous goods. Below a quick ‘how to’ from our experienced team on packing highly flammable goods for shipping.

  1. Each 5L tin wrapped in plastic bag.
  2. All 3 5L tins then secured in larger plastic bag with vermiculite (absorbent in case of a leak or damage)
  3. Bag filled with vermiculite (absorbent)
  4. Bag sealed.
  5. Bag placed in code 3 4G UN approved box.
  6. Hazardous labels placed correctly on box.

Don’t let the shipping of flammable goods give you endless headaches and worry.  This is what we are here for and what we specialize in.

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