People ask what do we package?

We answer, just about anything!

One of our teams highlights has been packaging aircraft for Aeronatal over the years and this past week we had the pleasure of assisting them once again.  We visited our client on site to pack a Giles G 202 aircraft which was sold by Aero-Natal to a client in Australia.  We were called in to pack this Aircraft into a 20’Container for Sea Freight, the wings had to be disassembled and secured to the sides of the container using nylon strapping and buckles. The main fuselage was anchored to the base of the container using heavy strength strapping and buckles and polystyrene was used to prevent any damage to the Aircraft between all anchor points.

While this aerobatic aircraft will not be cruising at 259 km per hour on the way to Australia, we know it will arrive safely at its new destination and be up in the sky before we know it.

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